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Monday, November 10, 2008

started to write more verses..
so here goes

It was the first day of high school, our freshmen year/
The day you took away my heart and my feelings were clear/
The very same day that make me wanna call you my dear/
I’ve started to change and began buyin fresh new gear/
I tried to talk to you but you walk right through/
That’s where the pursuit to get you started to grew/
I was eyeing other girls but my mind was stuck on you/
I wasn’t playin games at all, all my feelings were true/
started writin rhymes that be dealing with feelings/
tried to get you out of my mind but the feelings were killing/
I find my way to get your number but I always keep failing/
That’s when I tried to ask you but you keep ignoring/
Until you added me as a friend on the internet/
That’s when I build up my own courage just to chat/
then we began to be real friends that made me smile/
but you made me choke when I see you from a mile/

You’re not an average girl that I see with my eyes/
I kept being persistent cause I got my eyes on the prize/
I kept getting up after each fall after every try/
I wanna hold you, I don’t care bout your body or your thigh/
I just wanna sit by your side and look deep into your eye/
just you and me babygirl and nobody else on this world/
its you babygirl that got my whole world to twirl/
I tried to spill out my guts but something didn’t let me/
I kept lookin at your picture and it gave me a moment of glee/
hoping that you would be on my side where I want you to be/
but it was all fairytales when I pictured us in my mind/
I was infatuated cause babygirl you be lookin so fine/
and all I do was to think bout you/
I would drop everything just to spend a moment with you/
but its okay, I just wanna see you put up a smile on that face/
eventhough you left a permanent mark that never gonna be replaced/

5:07 AM


Rythem and Poetry.


I don't look for fights.
I don't smoke.
I don't drink alcohol.
I'm not tryna hate.
I don't sell drugs.
I don't walk around with guns.

I like C-Walkin.
I like writin rhymes.
I like listenin to music.
I like to eat.
I like to sleep.
I like long relationships.




Shi Pei


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