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Saturday, January 31, 2009

have to get home early
Damn today was really really really bored..
yeah it was excited tho
but didnt get to skate..
Anyway, Grats to Blandon for having his first tattoo?
or first full tattoo?
Its either one. haha
Went to meet Hamtie, Blandon, Eric, and The other guy
didnt get his name tho but he looks like Yoji from
Miami Ink. Hhahaa..coool
Met them at Peninsular and wait for Blandon to get
After that walked our way to the bus stop,
Blandon was havin a hard time walkin
cause of his new tattoo. hahaha
Alighted at the bus stop beside the skatepark
and sit at the steps and wait for
5pm to arrive..zzz
Trained down to Pasir Ris
And had Mac for lunch.
Then walked back home from white sands
and end my day here..
its damn early mann..
shit..but no matter

And Kick flip is harder than i thought,
when i see people doin its like
so damn easy.
Hopefully i can pull that trick off
by the end of this month tho.
Hopefully to execute Perfect Ollie,
Shovit and Kick flip by the end of this


2:33 AM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tried to sleep but cant..
so let me update my blog for this moment..

Monday was damn bored so decided to go down
to my void deck to skate and practice my Ollie
and Shovit, since i didnt skate for a long time,
im not surprise that i cant do Ollie anymore.
Then this resident suddenly say
I looked up but cant see anyone
Yeah hide behind your window
scared to show your face huh.
Then went back to home and text mom hopefully
i can skate at the skatepark
and surprisingly she allow. So without delaying time
quickly change clothes and rush off to the bus stop.

Arrived at the park ard 3. It was empty so i just
do my own thang and made 2 new friends.
One is a Pinoy and the other is White boy.
Yeah it was cool
but the white boy was kinda freaky.
Got a scratch at my shin all thanks to my deck
haha..but it wasnt its fault so yeah
tried a shovit and i accidentally stepped the nose
and the tail went up scraping off my skin.
Same thing happen another 2 times
but 1 went straight to my ass and another
straight to my knees. But its all good.
Then Hamtie arrived and finally get to see
her face smiling. hahaha.
She also gave me this cool bling2 ring.
Thanks soooooooo muchhh
Love it.
So shiny *.*
Then went off at 5pm as usual
it was damn early
but i had no choice..so yeahh

Then at night sat down by the window lookin
at the dark sky and suddenly freestyled rap
out of nowhere.
But luckly i got down the lyrics
took me hours to remember it..so here it is

I feel empty now, every time I look to the dark sky/
only to imagine that you are right in front of my eye/
I look up just to see your face among the pretty stars/
shining like little diamonds while im rhyming every bar/
now im missin you, hopefully to see your happy smile/
even if it were to screw my ass but its all worth a while/
and I wont hesitate to call you my realest home girl/
cause you’re one of the few that I can give my trust to, girl/
you got shits in your life that you never hope to invite/
but you gotta keep looking up and hopefully to find the light/
I know guys can be germs but not all of them are infected/
you’re one of a kind to me girl and you’re well respected/
im true to my words and never back down to real friends/
cause when I do it all seems like its on the world’s end/

[some chorus i sing but couldnt remember..wasted]

look to the right, look to the bright side, you know im there/
right by your side, I’ll keep you save cause you know I care/
it just sooth my soul to see you play with your teddy bear/
and you can really lean on my shoulders I promise and swear/
all I wanna see is the smile on your face everyday/
I never wish to see you sad girl let the happy smile stay/
you be my sunshine every time when the sky is grey/
and you brighten up my life each and everyday/
you’re more than I could ever asked for/
you’re everything that I could ever think of/
you’re a rapper, a skater, you’re all of the above/
you’re everything that a person could ever love/
and im just lucky enough to have you as my home girl/

right after that Im like
WOAH..did i just did that?
yeah i choked few times but
thats the first time i freestyled
2 verses.

hahah okay back to sleep

Skate is good for health

8:08 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If it wasnt for the police,
lots of my friends might be in hospital today.
Maybe including me.
People tend to get angry over smallest things
and they are too afraid to face them alone
and have to bring in backups.
What a sucker.
If one really is a gangster,
then one shouldnt be afraid to face the problems alone.
Instead one had to bring in few cars of gang members to deal
with the problem.
It was all chaos
Full of polices and gangsters.
I got no idea how the problem even reach to the police.
It is really a madness.

Life kinda bored right now
theres nothing to do.
Singapore really need to upgrade
as in
Whats a music label for when the artist have to pay for
their own albums and stuffs?
Labels are to sponsor it all.
Singapore dont even have a proper one.
What a waste.
Common man
Think bout the people that dosent have
anything much except for music.
Not all people are intelligent
Some people intelligence are in their music
and Singapore dosent support that

Nothing much to update now
So till then

10:25 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well Well..
School's gettin bored..
if i could rewind time, i would join the express class man
what a waste. If not, i'll be relaxin right now..
but what to do.
And Yeah you people at school,
go ahead and laugh at my baggy pants,
but you guys the one admiring it..
Theres nothing weird with baggy pants man
it might be an alien wear to you
but its cool to me
ya heard.

Subjects gettin worst,
but tryin to catch up tho.
Dont wanna waste one whole year for ITE man..
Hamtie i miss you damn loads too.
And by the way
Happy Early Chinese New Year

4:03 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When minor feelings that is being kept inside ourselves like a cage
can turn into burst of flames that can wipe out the entire empire.
Sometimes we just dont know how to express our feelings on something
or someone that meant so much to us that we cant get it out of our mind.
This keep happenin to me but I just got no idea why.
Tried everything from writin rhymes to freestylin
from rappin to singin, i just dont know whats bothering me.
Mixed up feelings and thoughts runs through my mind but i cant seem
to find the main reason this keeps happenin.
Shit man.

Today at school is kinda fun tho.
Our class almost had a fight with this sec 4 guys thinkin they hot.
One of my friend lowered their confidence by kickin him in the back.
Now you know whats gonna happen when you try to attract attention huh BITCH.
And whats up with the lil kid tryna save his friend.
Nice try but uh, it aint gonna work.
Stupid ass.

School subjects gettin worst now.
Cant concentrate, Cant even do a simplest Chemistry Equation.
Cant even create a sentence with a word in Malay Language.
Shit man.
Dont know if i can cope tho.
Oh well..

Okay time to clear off my mind..
Off to doin nothing..

In the mean while..check out this hot joint

8:14 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just wanna say sorry to my sister.
Whatever i did to make you sad..
I just wanna apologize.
I didnt mean to do what i did.
and i didnt know what i did that makes you so sad.
Maybe i havent spend much time with you lately
but you're always at work and you always left me alone at home
I wanna spend time with you but, you always have night classes
and when you got home, you're tired and whenever i tried to talk to you
you will always get angry and shout back right at my face
thats what stopping me from talkin to you..
I tried talking but ended up makin you mad
and i just dont want to see you angry and im really afraid to talk to you.
And when you're off from work, on mondays and wednesdays
i always look forward to see you at home
but when i got home,
you either already gone for your class
or you went out with your friends.
I would also love to meet you after your work but the thing is
im already tired when i reach home from school.
Im sorry okay.
I just dont want to see you angry or sad
but i dont wanna be alone at home too.
And if saying sorry a million times wont work for you
just say anything..that you want me to do
i'll make it up to you
and you probably felt how i feel when you always left me at home
but im not mad at you or anything..
cause i understand that you're working for all of us
and i appreciate that
thats why i wanna apologize
and no matter what
you're still my sister
i'll keep you in my heart and soul
even if you dont forgive me
believe it

8:39 AM

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess what
Im 17 already..hahaha
Even though Im one year older, I still feel like Im just a kid.
I guess i just love being a kid tho..XD
January 8 was the best day.
Despite being grounded for 3 whole months,
Hamtie came down all the way to Pasir Ris just to find me and celebrate my birthday.
So yeah i had to sneak out of home to meet her.
Im so sorry that i kept you waiting for 30 minutes. XD
It was so sweet of you to come here straight from school to make my day a special one and i really appreciate that.
Since my Phone was taken away, I had a lil trouble contacting her.
Matter fact she forgot to bring her phone..soo it wasnt a little trouble
it was a big trouble..hahahhaa
but its cool..XD
We had Sushi for Lunch and it was kinda hilarious.
We started out eating as normal, We grab anything that looked nice.
The conveyor belt was so slow and when the sushi reached to us,
everyone already grab the nice stuffs so we had to wait for the good stuffs
to arrive.
Oh and the waiter was so stupid.
We asked him to get us new cup of water cause theres something inside,
and we waited for half an hour, then he came back with a new cup.
Hamtie was already fed-up and dissed him all the way.
We ordered few dishes from the Menu.
Theres this dish that looks damn nice but when it came to our table,
It was all disgusting. HAHAHA
Then we keep on eating till both of us was damn full.
We keep teasing each other by making puking sounds and i almost puke two times
but i didnt.
That was close.
Then the worst part is.
We had to stuff down a big salmon down our tummy cause its the last plate.
We took like 30 minutes to finish them up.
Then Hamtie stuffed the uneaten food down the Coke can and the waitress
suspected it and was lookin at our direction and they keep walkin up and down
our table.HAHAHAHAH.
We quickly ask for the bills and walk out of there to save us from being in trouble.
Hamtie payed for my bills.
Even though i refused
Then we continue walking around with fat belly and every step was torturous.
Hamtie brought me to take neoprints with her. Hehehehhee
I dont usually do that but she looked at me with the sad eyes
so yeah..i had no choice..but it was fun..XD
Hamtie also bought for me this VERY CUTE, FAT, FURRY TEDDY BEAR!! XD!!
I felt like a kid hugging it to sleep.
We decided to end our day at around 7pm.
And i reach home with a smile on my face.
I cant stop saying Thanks cause you made my day brighter.

10:14 PM

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lets see..
I have a bad start..Why?
Last Saturday..Went to skatepark silently
soooo..mom asked me to turn back and head to home
but i didnt..and continue my way to the skatepark
So when i reach home..BAM
got scolded..
Not only that..Im grounded for 3 months
And my Phone is also confiscated..So yeahh
Pardon me if i didnt reply your message,
Pardon me if i didnt online..
This is just a quick update tho..
So yeahh..
So much for a Happy New Year

5:07 AM

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well its that time of the year..
Where school reopens..BOOOO
Yeah SCHOOL..Another round of Hell.
Damn..Last round before Im free..
Im excited yet lazy at the same time.
I had no idea why im even excited..
Ahhh oh well..
Oh yeahh
Happy New Year to you rocking guys and girls out there
Last day of Holiday bout to end..
but at least tmr is doing nothing day at school
so yeah..not bad at all..
All the best for those takin Os

1:42 AM


Rythem and Poetry.


I don't look for fights.
I don't smoke.
I don't drink alcohol.
I'm not tryna hate.
I don't sell drugs.
I don't walk around with guns.

I like C-Walkin.
I like writin rhymes.
I like listenin to music.
I like to eat.
I like to sleep.
I like long relationships.




Shi Pei


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