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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tried to sleep but cant..
so let me update my blog for this moment..

Monday was damn bored so decided to go down
to my void deck to skate and practice my Ollie
and Shovit, since i didnt skate for a long time,
im not surprise that i cant do Ollie anymore.
Then this resident suddenly say
I looked up but cant see anyone
Yeah hide behind your window
scared to show your face huh.
Then went back to home and text mom hopefully
i can skate at the skatepark
and surprisingly she allow. So without delaying time
quickly change clothes and rush off to the bus stop.

Arrived at the park ard 3. It was empty so i just
do my own thang and made 2 new friends.
One is a Pinoy and the other is White boy.
Yeah it was cool
but the white boy was kinda freaky.
Got a scratch at my shin all thanks to my deck
haha..but it wasnt its fault so yeah
tried a shovit and i accidentally stepped the nose
and the tail went up scraping off my skin.
Same thing happen another 2 times
but 1 went straight to my ass and another
straight to my knees. But its all good.
Then Hamtie arrived and finally get to see
her face smiling. hahaha.
She also gave me this cool bling2 ring.
Thanks soooooooo muchhh
Love it.
So shiny *.*
Then went off at 5pm as usual
it was damn early
but i had no choice..so yeahh

Then at night sat down by the window lookin
at the dark sky and suddenly freestyled rap
out of nowhere.
But luckly i got down the lyrics
took me hours to remember it..so here it is

I feel empty now, every time I look to the dark sky/
only to imagine that you are right in front of my eye/
I look up just to see your face among the pretty stars/
shining like little diamonds while im rhyming every bar/
now im missin you, hopefully to see your happy smile/
even if it were to screw my ass but its all worth a while/
and I wont hesitate to call you my realest home girl/
cause you’re one of the few that I can give my trust to, girl/
you got shits in your life that you never hope to invite/
but you gotta keep looking up and hopefully to find the light/
I know guys can be germs but not all of them are infected/
you’re one of a kind to me girl and you’re well respected/
im true to my words and never back down to real friends/
cause when I do it all seems like its on the world’s end/

[some chorus i sing but couldnt remember..wasted]

look to the right, look to the bright side, you know im there/
right by your side, I’ll keep you save cause you know I care/
it just sooth my soul to see you play with your teddy bear/
and you can really lean on my shoulders I promise and swear/
all I wanna see is the smile on your face everyday/
I never wish to see you sad girl let the happy smile stay/
you be my sunshine every time when the sky is grey/
and you brighten up my life each and everyday/
you’re more than I could ever asked for/
you’re everything that I could ever think of/
you’re a rapper, a skater, you’re all of the above/
you’re everything that a person could ever love/
and im just lucky enough to have you as my home girl/

right after that Im like
WOAH..did i just did that?
yeah i choked few times but
thats the first time i freestyled
2 verses.

hahah okay back to sleep

Skate is good for health

8:08 AM


Rythem and Poetry.


I don't look for fights.
I don't smoke.
I don't drink alcohol.
I'm not tryna hate.
I don't sell drugs.
I don't walk around with guns.

I like C-Walkin.
I like writin rhymes.
I like listenin to music.
I like to eat.
I like to sleep.
I like long relationships.




Shi Pei


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